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With extensive experience as a journalist and editor for top magazines and blogs, I approach PR from a unique, insider perspective. I know first-hand what editors and reporters seek in pitches and have an excellent media placement record in national, regional, radio, broadcast, and social media. Above are just a few of the many press highlights my awesome clients have been featured in.

1. Story Angle Development. After we nail down your goals, I dive deep into your company and learn as much as I can about your product, service, event - or whatever you want people to know about. From this info, I tease out stories that will appeal to reporters and meet your objectives. When I wear my journalist hat, I'm constantly on the lookout for stories that appeal to my publication's audience. When I do PR, it's no different. I'm always on the hunt for fresh ways to position your expertise so news outlets will want to write about you.

2. Proactive outreach & placement. Next, I research a slew of media that speak to your target market and promote the heck out of you! While press releases can serve a purpose, in general, I rarely find them effective– my pitches are concise and honed to specific editors and their audience. Why? Because as a journalist I know what works.

4. Reporting. I always keep you in the loop on who is being pitched to, storylines pursued, and responses from the media.

Sound good? Send me a note and let's chat!