{ O' what rave reviews! }
Stephanie delivered amazing work in a fast-paced work environment, she brainstormed a flurry of clever ideas for our client Mary's Gone Crackers. She was essential in writing advertising print ads, film scripts and more. And, she is one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to work with. A true creative talent in every aspect.
- Tim Rose, Creative Director, MKTG Inc.

I've really enjoyed working with you. Your pitches are great, writing fun, and you've been so easy to work with. An editor's dream! Thanks for all of your hard work.
- Jennifer Pollock, former Online Managing Editor, 7x7 Magazine

Thank you so much for your amazing work - you are by far the most talented Associate Editor we've had.
- Robin Wilkey, former Editor-in-Chief, San Francisco Brides Magazine

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article. It's interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining.
- Patrick Coyne, Editor-in-Chief, Communication Arts Magazine

I hired Stephanie as a copywriter to develop a self-promotion project and loved the results. It was important for the text to clearly distinguish what differentiated me from other wedding photographers and to help clients understand the value of my work. She talked with me about my objectives for the piece, understood the values and strengths of my business, and learned about my personality and motivations. All vital ingredients when promoting a small persona-based business. We were able to work through edits and rewrites in a timely manner at a challenging time of year - right before the Holidays. Stephanie did a great job!
- Karl Ko Photography

Stephanie went above and beyond creating our logo, signage, and website design -- she helped identify and define our unique brand mission. Many companies spend over a quarter-million dollars trying to achieve this - and don't. What's more, it was a fun, easy process with much insight I will always value. - Pilates Studio Tiburon

We had the opportunity to work with Stephanie on a very important project for our company: designing and writing the new display box for our natural cookies. Her creativity and ability to interpret our needs was superb, and the end product was beyond our expectations. She is excellent to work with, flexible, accommodating, VERY patient, and a professional every step of the way. - Nutridel cookie company

...my deep appreciation for the work you did to make this beautiful, cool little book. I showed it to some design folks here [HarperOne, a division of Harper Collins] and they loved it. And these are people who have been in book design their whole careers, so not an easy crowd. - author Sam Barry (Dave Barry's brother)

...you really produced a beautiful, technically perfect, and classy piece. Everybody is saying this is our best brochure ever. - Claremont Rug Company