Print Mag Article: Deep Surface: A New Exhibition Celebrating Ornament and Pattern Design

Ornament and pattern design – love it or hate it, the style debate rages on. Whether you dig decorative flourishes or vote anti-adornment on all things design, one thing is clear – the fanciful aesthetic has developed a bad rep. Name-called everything from “fussy distractions” to “overly girly” to “old-fashioned,” more than a few nerdy design brawls have broken out over the subject. Well, whichever side of the frilly fence you sit, lately (as in the last fifteen years) the expressive art has been making a comeback. And Denise Gonzales Crisp and Susan Yelavich, co-curators of CAM Raleigh’s upcoming exhibit Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern, have taken note of the re-emergence.

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